Pollution Forces Nepal Schools Shut Till Friday, Know These Causes

Neapl Schools Closed Due to High Pollution

Pollution in Nepal: The second wave of corona continues around the world. In India, how are an average of 50 thousand coming out every day? Due to the second wave of Corona, many school colleges have not opened in the country so far. Work from home is being extended in the office. But schools are being closed in Nepal for another reason.

Pollution Forces Nepal Schools Shut Till Friday

The Nepal government has ordered that all schools in Kathmandu be kept closed till Friday. This detention is not due to Corona but because of pollution. On Monday, the sky of the capital Kathmandu was surrounded by the Poluget Smog. It seems that Kathmandu is wholly covered with dirty sheets.

It is for the first time that schools are being closed in Kathmandu due to dense fog. Kathmandu is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The air quality index in Kathmandu reached above 300 last week, indicating alarming levels.

Advice not to get out of the houses

Given this problematic situation, the government has decided that all educational institutions in Kathmandu should be closed by Friday. Deepak Sharma, the Nepal Ministry of Education spokesman, said that educational institutions are being completed in Kathmandu for the first time due to pollution, as far as we know.

The government has appealed to the people not to come out of their homes. The government has also demanded that people stop the construction work so that the dust pollution can be curbed. Along with this, it is also forbidden to fire. Experts say that due to the fire in many Nepal jungles, a thin sheet of smoke has spread in the sky. This sheet is being applied in many districts of Nepal.

Terrible pollution situation in Nepal

The situation of air pollution in Nepal has deteriorated in the last few years. According to data, 22 per cent of newborns died within a month of birth in 2019 due to air pollution in Nepal. Apart from this, there has been a significant decline in the purity of air in the Kathmandu Valley due to forest fire. According to the information, this time the situation here is worst in recent years.