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President Joe Biden Took Leave to Celebrate wife Jill’s Birthday

US President Joe Biden was on a day off on Thursday to celebrate the 70th birthday of his wife and First Lady of America, Jill Biden. The president celebrated at his favourite home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. First Lady’s spokeswoman Michael LaRosa, Michelle LaRosa, said the president and first lady celebrated their birthdays peacefully at their beach townhome. During this time, he had no friends or relatives. First Lady Jill Biden reached Delaware’s vacation home on Wednesday night itself.

President Joe Biden Cycling

According to the White House, the President and First Lady spent their mornings in the hot sun with warm weather. In the afternoon, the two practised cycling at Cape Henlopen State Park. When asked whether he enjoyed cycling, the President said, “Definitely enjoyed cycling.” They will both return to the White House in Washington on Friday. When the President was cycling in the park, no one was with him except the Secret Service.

Biden, who had come to his Delaware home for a vacation

He had bought the beach house built on the beach in 2017 for $2.7 million after retiring from the vice president. Two years before he bought this house, his son Beau Biden died of brain cancer. That’s why instead of the nameplate of this house, “Beau’s gift” is written. Since Biden became president, the two visited this house for the first time in the middle of the week. Earlier, whenever both of them came here, they came only for the weekend.

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