President Of Slovakia Wearing Face Mask Matching His Dress Went Viral

President Of Slovakia Face Mask

President Of Slovakia: These days there is only one discussion on every side, the coronavirus, its panic and ways to prevent it. People around the world are working their way up to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Many countries, including India, have been locked down and over three billion people have imprisoned in homes. To avoid this virus, people stay indoors, maintain social distance, avoid physical contact, wear masks and use some such necessary preventive measures like washing hands at regular intervals.

However, many people are not letting their dressing sense deteriorate because of masks and gloves. People in South Korea are learning how to do a pink face mask, as well as how to do make-up around the face after applying the mask. At the same time, Slovakia’s President, Zuzana Caputova, has taken another step forward. She is wearing a hand-coloured mask of her matching dress. That is, everyone is looking for a way to look their best during this epidemic.

President Of Slovakia Mask

He has described it as an excellent way for people to add a fashionable twist to a face mask. While ordinary people were operating from the covers which were available in the market, but the President of Slovakia wore masks that matched the colour of his dress. On Saturday (March 21) it appointed the Center-aligned government, a government led by Igor Markov, leader of the Ordinary People’s Party. All the participants were wearing gloves and wearing face masks during the ceremony. However, it was Jujana Caputova’s face mask, which looked different.

These are not the first time they have done something that has made news headlines. For another event a few days ago, she wore a colourful dress and even at that time, the colour of her mask matched the colour of the dress. As soon as his pictures shared on Twitter, they went viral. Twitterati could not wrap their heads around this new fashion. And it saw some of the hilarious memes in these dark times. Have a look.

President Of Slovakia Wearing Face Mask Matching With His Dress. She Has Described It As A Great Way For People To Add A Fashionable Twist To A Face Mask.

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