30 Guests To Attend Prince Philip Funeral; Names Revealed

Prince Philip Funeral

Prince Philip Funeral: Due to Coronavirus restrictions in Britain, only 30 guests will attend Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday.

Prince Philip Funeral

According to Announcement details by Buckingham Palace on Thursday, only a few people will attend the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

Prince Charles

Will join the Prince of Wales, Queen and Philip’s eldest son and heir to the throne with second wife, Camilla. Prince Charles will walk in a procession with other royal family members behind a specially designed Land Rover carrying Philippe’s coffin.

Prince William

Will join the Duke of Cambridge, Charles’ eldest son Prince William with his wife, Kate. Their three young children, and seven other grandchildren of Queen and Phillip, are considered too young to attend the funeral and will not participate.

Prince Harry

William’s younger brother has returned from California to attend the Duke of Sussex funeral. This will be the first time he will join the family after being separated from Royal Duties last year. In the procession, Peter Phillips will be the cousin between the two brothers. Harry’s wife Megan won’t join.

Princess Anne

Princess is the only daughter of Anne Queen and Philip. She will join her husband, Vice Admiral Timothy Lawrence, son Peter Phillips and daughter Zara Tindall.

Prince Andrew

He will make his first appearance at an official royal event after exiting the Duke of York and Royal Frontline in 2019. Andrew’s daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, will also be involved.

Priss Edward

The Earl of Wessex will join his wife Sophie, the youngest son of the Queen and Philip, who is very close to the Queen. Edward and Sophie’s two children will also be involved.


Penny was Philip’s driving buddy and one of his closest friends. She is the wife of Earl Mountbatten, Norton Nachbul.

Lady Sarah

The daughter of Queen Margaret’s late sister Princess Margaret is particularly close to Elizabeth.

Archie Miller

One of the few non-royals attending Brigadier Archie Miller Bakewell funeral has worked as Philip’s secretary since 2010. He is considered close to Philip. Apart from these, some German relatives of Philip’s will also be involved.