Mrs Sri Lanka Forcibly Removed Mrs Sri Lanka’s Crown, Head Injury Too

Pushpika De Silva Mrs Sri Lanka News

Pushpika De Silva: An unfortunate and embarrassing incident occurred on stage during the Sri Lankan competition in Sri Lanka. After the crowning of Mrs Sri Lanka, the Mrs World Caroline jury present there forcibly took the crown from Mrs Sri Lanka’s head, in which Mrs Sri Lanka also suffered a head injury. The event in Colombo was being broadcast live on the national TV channel.

Mrs Sri Lanka Pushpika De Silva

Pushpika De Silva was declared the winner during the Mrs Sri Lanka competition held in Sri Lanka and was crowned on her head. The present Mrs World Caroline jury on the stage took her crown, saying that Pushpika cannot get the height because she is divorced according to the rules. During this time, the gold crown got stuck in De Silva’s hair, and after much effort, the crown came out. Carolyn’s move hurt De Silva’s head and caused tears in his eyes. She immediately left the stage and went to the hospital for her treatment.

Later the organisers of the event confirmed that Mrs. de Silva was not divorced. The organisers apologised to D’Silva and returned his crown to him. De Silva has also won the title of Miss Sri Lanka earlier in the year 2011. De Silva wrote a Facebook post about the incident and said it was an injustice and insult to him. She said that she is separated from her husband, but she is not yet divorced. He has also spoken of legal action in this case.