Rebecca Pregnancy: Gave Birth To Twins On The Same Day, Rare Case

Rebecca Pregnancy News

Rebecca Pregnancy: It is difficult to believe this, but a pregnant woman for three weeks indeed became pregnant again, and she gave birth to rare ‘super twins’ children on the same day. Significantly, the time for the woman to conceive both twins is different. Let us tell you that last year, doctors gave Rebecca Roberts and her partner Rice Weaver good news that they are going to be the parents of their first child. This couple had wanted a child for the past several years, and when Rebecca took fertility medicine, her wish was fulfilled.

The second child was detected in the third ultrasound

Rebecca and her partner Rice were much happier when the doctor saw another child, Rebecca’s third ultrasound. Rebecca was 12 weeks pregnant at that time. On social media, too, Rebecca of Wiltshire, England, told about this remarkable incident. He wrote in a post that, “Good Morning America,” it was shocking that there were two children instead of one. Then he told me that there was a difference of three weeks between the two infants, which even the doctors could not understand. ”

The doctors were also surprised by Rebecca Pregnancy

Rebecca’s pregnancy was a rare case as doctors could not detect it initially. Even Rebecca’s doctor David Walker, an OBGYN at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, said that this is an infrequent occurrence. Rebecca’s pregnancy was diagnosed as superfetation. Where about the second pregnancy was discovered during the first pregnancy. In this situation, Egg from Owerri was released on two separate occasions.

Doctor David Walker says that I was surprised thinking how I had missed the second child at first, but later it was revealed that it was not my fault, but it was a very rare pregnancy. Rebecca’s twin children are three weeks older and younger than each other.

Rebecca is pleased to have both children.

Rebecca’s pregnancy was also very challenging for the doctors. The doctors once told them that their abandoned child might not be able to survive. But like a miracle, last September, she gave birth to a son Noah and a daughter, Rosie. Although Rosie spent the next 95 days in the NICU after birth, Noah spent three weeks in the NICU. On the other hand, with her two children, Rebecca says that she is my super twins. Every day I look at them and think, “Wow, how lucky I am.” At present, this story of Rebecca is becoming quite viral on social media.