Road Accident in Egypt: 29 People Died, Including 3 Indians

Road Accident in Egypt, at least 29 people die in two separate road accidents on Saturday, while more than 30 were injured. Among the dead are three Indian tourists, besides Malaysian tourists and laborers working in a textile factory. 13 Indian tourists are injured, who have admitted to the hospital.

Road Accident in Egypt

The first incident occurred 120 km from the capital Cairo. Two buses filled with tourists collided with a truck near the Ann Sokhna Resort. Three Indian tourists died in it. Two female tourists from Malaysia also lost their lives in this accident. A bus driver also killed, who was an Egyptian citizen. Of these, 16 Indians were on board the bus. About 24 people injure in this accident, 13 of them are Indians. Both buses filled with tourists were going to Hurgada. A task force has set up to investigate the incident.

Another incident occurred between Port Said and Damietta, where a bus full of textile workers collided with a truck. It killed 23 laborers, aged between 20 and 50 years. Seven people injured in the accident. The official newspaper Al-Ahram has reported the incident on its news portal. The dead included 22 men, including a woman, who was going to work in a textile mill. Road Accident in Egypt.

The Embassy Issued A Helpline Number

The Indian Embassy in Egypt has shared the helpline number + 20-1211299905 and + 20-1283487779 on Twitter. The post noted that embassy officials are present in hospitals in Suez City and Cairo. Where the victims admit. Indian officials are in touch with the victims.

Roads are decaying, thousands go to life

Road accidents are common in Egypt because the condition of the roads is quite poor. Violation of traffic rules is also a common problem in Egypt. Every year thousands of people die here in a road accident. Last year, 8480 road accidents occurred, while in 2017 the figure was 11,098.

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