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Ruckus Over This Dua Zehra Marriage In Pakistan, Requested Her Father


The issue of Dua Zehra in Pakistan continues to make headlines. Dua Zehra went missing from Karachi on 16 April this year. Dua’s father had accused him of kidnapping his daughter.

Dua, who went missing in April, was traced by the police in June.

Now Dua Zehra has publicly spoken to the people for the first time. An interview with Dua has surfaced.


In this interview, Dua says that she was not kidnapped, but she left the house of her own free will to get married.

Dua said she is in love with 21-year-old Zaheer Ahmed. She had left the house to marry Zaheer.

Take Zaheer and me wholeheartedly.

Dua Zehra said during the interview that she got married under Islamic law. I am sorry if they still think I have made a mistake by marrying.


Dua said I want them to accept Zaheer and me with a big heart. I know he is unfortunate, I have also gone through this grief, but I tell him to get us.

However, Dua Zehra also said that her father had thought of getting her married to his brother’s son out of the greed for land.

Controversy over Dua Zehra’s age

Many speculations are also being made about Dua Zehra’s age. Dua’s father has been saying from the beginning that his daughter is a minor, and she is only 14 years old.


At the same time, Dua herself has come out and told that she is an adult and is 18 years old.

Now after this interview surfaced, Dua’s father, Mehdi Kazmi, has announced to take legal action.

He said that he would move the Supreme Court against the woman who took this interview.


In this interview, Dua Zehra and her husband Zaheer talked about their marriage for the first time.

Responding to this interview, Kazmi said that what is being said in this matter from the beginning is wrong.

He says my daughter has these people. Whatever they want, they are getting my daughter to be told.


Kazmi said, soon, the notice of the Supreme Court in the matter will be served to the woman who took the interview.

The woman who took the interview said she was in touch with Dua Zehra and Zaheer from day one. But as soon as this woman gets the notice, it will disappear.

Kazmi said that whatever Zehra has said in the interview they are a bundle of lies.


Sindh High Court said – evidence of Dua Zehra’s kidnapping was not found

The Sindh High Court, in a written order in the Dua Zehra case, said that no such evidence had been found to show that the girl was abducted.

Zehra had said in his statement before the court, I have done the marriage of my own free will. Nobody kidnapped me. I want to go with my husband, Zaheer.

A bench of Justice Muhammad Junaid Ghaffar said in the order that the girl stated in the statement that she is 17 to 18 years of age and has done the marriage of her own free will.


The Sindh High Court has said that Zehra is an adult and can live with anyone of her choice.

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