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Russia Admits, 498 Soldiers Lost Their Lives In War With Ukraine


The war between Russia and Ukraine has now reached its climax. The death toll has also increased rapidly. Ukraine is constantly claiming that it has killed many Russian soldiers. Many Russian planes have also been destroyed on their behalf. Now Russia has also released an official figure regarding the soldiers who died.

According to Russia, 498 soldiers have lost their lives in the ongoing military operation against Ukraine. Apart from this, 1597 soldiers have also been reported injured. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the goal of this military action is to demilitarize Ukraine. At the same time, regarding the death toll, the Defense Ministry of Russia has claimed that much fake news is being run in the media.

Ukraine claims – 6 thousand Russian soldiers killed

For information, let us tell you that Ukraine is constantly claiming that it has killed about six thousand Russian soldiers. But now, Russia has made it clear that only 498 of its soldiers have died, which is much less than what Ukraine claims.


Regarding the current situation, Russia has intensified its military action in Ukraine. Every effort is being made to capture Ukraine’s capital Kyiv as soon as possible. The era of bombing has started, and rockets are also being fired on a large scale.

According to American agencies, the Russian army is currently running behind its target. Its troops are still outside Kyiv, and they are constantly facing the people of Ukraine. The soldiers are now running short of food and other resources. In such a situation, the challenge of more Russian soldiers than Ukraine has increased.

By the way, even in this tense situation, the President of Ukraine is not ready to give up. He says that the enemy will be defeated. He has also asked other countries to come forward for help. For now, many countries from the US to the European Union have imposed sanctions on Russia, but no one’s army has come to help on the ground.

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