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Russia-Ukraine War: ‘Father Of All Bombs’ May Drop Russia On Ukraine!


Father Of All Bombs: Russia and Ukraine have now come against each other. Both the countries are showing their strength against each other. Russian tanks have entered Ukraine. At the same time, Ukraine has also claimed that they have also given a befitting reply to Russia. There have been many explosions in Ukraine. There have also been reports of many deaths and injuries.

After the intervention of NATO, Russia has also kept its side very clear. Overall, Russia is in no mood to back down against Ukraine. Meanwhile, the discussion of the power of Ukraine and Russia is also going on loudly. But Russia is far ahead of Ukraine in military capability.

According to media reports, Russia has the ‘Father of All Bombs (FOAB). It is a non-nuclear bomb but very powerful. British media has also written that Putin has permitted this bomb in Ukraine, quoting sources.


According to the British newspaper Mirror report, Defense Department sources have informed that President Putin has ordered Father of All Bombs. It can be used to shock and intimidate (“shock and awe” campaign). Despite being non-nuclear, its effect will be very dire.

FOAB Was Developed By Russia In The Year 2007.
FOAB Was Developed By Russia In The Year 2007.

The bomb that Russia has is thermobaric. It can cause damage after blasting in a radius of 300 meters. Russia developed FOAB in the year 2007. When it was launched in 2007, it was said that it was four times more potent than the American version.

Compared with America’s ‘Mother of All Bomb’ (MOAB), it is mighty; it is four times bigger than the MOAB bomb. The Russian bomb is made of 44 tons of TNT. TNT is commonly seen as the explosive capability of a bomb.


America had used MOAB.

Before this, America used MOAB against Islamic State in 2017. MOAB stands for ‘Mother of All Bombs’. America used it for the first time in such an operation. However, the US government refused to give the number of people killed in the blast. The government had said that it is not a good idea to count the dead body by entering the tunnel. At the same time, its testing was done on 21 November 2003 at Eglena Air Force Base in Florida.

China had answered America.

China had also prepared such a heavy bomb in 2019 to answer America. During testing, this bomb was dropped from the Xian H-6K bomber. It can destroy any building military establishment.

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