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First Pakistani Cinema Actress Sabiha Khanum Died At The Age of 84

The first Pakistani cinema actress Sabiha Khanum passed away. She was 84 years old. Sabiha’s family has confirmed that it is unfortunate, Sabiha Khanam passed away last night (13 June).

The family said we know that they have received the love of many people, and that is why we are receiving countless messages and calls today. We want to tell everyone that be patient and humbly request that no one come to our house just because of us and your safety.

Sabiha Khanum is The First Actress of Pakistani Cinema

Let us tell you that Sabiha Khanum is the First Lady of Pakistan’s Silver Screen (Sabiha Khanam First Lady of Pakistan’s Silver Screen). Khanam was awarded the Pride of Performance in 1986 for his work. In his career, Khanam got his performance in many of the best films. Some of the best movies are Ayaz (1960), Saath Laakh (1957), Kaneez (1965), Anjuman (1970), Tehzeeb (1971). Khanam’s fans and fans remembered him for his contribution to the local cinema.

Please tell that Sabiha was born in a village in Punjab near Gujarat to Mukhtar Begum. When Sabiha was just six years old, her mother died. His father lived in Lahore. Her grandparents raised Sabiha. Simultaneously, he figured out how to drain cows, draw water from wells, make Rotis, and apply spread.

After growing up, his dad returned him to the city. A companion of his took him to Lahore, and without precedent forever, Sabiha saw a film on the big screen. Before long, Sabiha visited Radio Pakistan, where her dad’s companion worked. During this, he permitted singing in a live occasion. A couple of days after the fact, he saw a play in the theatre. After this, he tried out there and never thought back.

Sabiha’s First Film Came in 1950

Let me tell you that Sabiha Khanum’s first film came in Bailey (1950), in which Santosh Kumar also had his first debut film. Later Santosh Kumar became the greatest and most popular actor in Pakistani cinema. Khanam’s first film was not very successful, as it was the time of India’s independence at that time. In the same year, his next movie, Make Tears, made Sabiha a star.

It was Pakistan’s first Urdu film to record its silver jubilee (walking in a theatre for 25 consecutive weeks). The film was such a hit that it was remade twice in Pakistan. Dillon Da Sauda (1969) was shot in Punjabi and Anjuman (1970) in Urdu.

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