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Satellite Photo Of The US Airbase On Which Iran Had Fired Missiles


The US airbase in Iraq is constantly under attack by Iran. In retaliation for Iran’s commander General Qasim Sulemani. More than 20 ballistic missiles fired by Iran and two rockets fired on Thursday. The airbase where Iran has fired Rocky, now there is a picture of it, which clearly shows how much damage has been done by this attack.

Satellite Picture Of US Airbase

According to the news agency Reuters, a total of 7 buildings of the US al-Assad airbase in Baghdad have been damaged in the Iran attack. There are some buildings in this that have suffered the most and also seen in the satellite picture.

Two satellite photos of that airbase have shared by Planet Lab Inc. Showing the impact of the Iranian missile attack. Earlier on 25 December, some pictures of this airbase revealed. In which all the buildings are seen correct, however, now the fresh photos which have come on 8 January. It is clear that the damage has been very heavy.


Iran Took Revenge From America

The US had killed Iran’s commander General Qasim Sulemani through Airstrike, in which some other commanders also killed. But Qasim Sulemani is counted among Iran’s most powerful figures. Iran avenged this death and started attacking the US airbase in Iraq with missiles.

Iran fired more than a dozen missiles that fell around the airbase. After this, on Thursday also Iran fire two rockets that were in the greenhouse zone only.

What Did America Respond To The Claim

Iran claimed that 80 US soldiers had killed in its attack. Although US President Donald Trump called the claim false. Donald Trump declares that no American soldier harm in this attack. At the same time, Trump has also said that Iran will never be able to produce nuclear weapons while his President.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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