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Saudi Arabia Forced Imran Khan To Bow Down In These Way


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan finally had to bow down to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Pakistan will not participate in the Kuala Lumpur Summit held in Malaysia on 19-20 December. There was a lot of uncertainty about whether Imran Khan will go to this summit or not.

Saudi Arabia

On Tuesday, Pakistan Foreign Minister Mahmud Shah Qureshi made it clear. That Imran Khan will not go to the Kuala Lumpur summit starting on Wednesday.


Imran Khan regretted calling Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad and said that he would not be able to come. At the same time, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reached Kuala Lumpur to attend this summit. Arowana and Imran Khan had laid the foundation of this summit.

A statement from the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Mahathir Mohammed has also confirmed that Imran Khan has separated himself from this summit. This statement said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan has given information to PM Mahathir Mohammad not to call. At this summit, PM Khan was going to speak on the Islamic world.

Saudi Arab


Why Pakistan bending?

In September this year, a consensus was reached between Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad. Turkish President Erdogan and Pakistani PM Imran Khan in New York. After this, on 29 November last month. Malaysia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Marzuki bin Haji Yahya called Imran Khan and invited him to join. Imran Khan also accepted this invitation.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Saudi Arabia. And the United Arab Emirates had raised objections to Imran Khan’s departure at the summit. Qureshi said that the two countries were concerned. That the summit would increase divisions in the Islamic world. And that the creation of any new organization would raise questions. On the existence of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation dominated by Saudi Arabia.

Mahathir told reporters on Tuesday that King Salman bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. I was reluctant to discuss Islamic issues at the Kulalampur summit. Saudi Arabia believes that its interests. And problems of the Islamic world should be discussed on the platform of the OIC. And not any parallel organization should be set up.


Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Pakistan will first fix relations between Saudi. And Kuala Lumpur and if it does not happen then Pakistan will not go to this summit.

Imran Khan Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Malaysia vs Saudi

Qureshi said that he is trying to make Mahathir Mohammad visit Saudi Arabia. Qureshi said that this tour can be visited at the invitation of the Saudi or even to himself. However, no date for Mahathir’s Saudi tour has set.


The news of Pakistan’s withdrawal from this summit has covered in Pakistani media. Many newspapers have described it as the result of Imran Khan’s poor strategy.

Pakistan’s popular newspaper Dawn has published an editorial on it. In the editorial, Don wrote, “Imran Khan has taken many U-Turns after becoming PM. And among them, not accepting the invitation is the most important U-turn. Mahmud Qureshi has said that Imran Khan had to make a U-turn due to Saudi and UAE. Qureshi says that the time was short and Saudi’s concerns could not be resolved. So I had to withdraw from the tour.

Did Imran Khan really go to this summit, would there be division in the Islamic world? Was there a plan to create an organization parallel to the OIC at the Kuala Lumpur Summit? Qureshi says that Pakistan will try to build a bridge between Malaysia and Saudi. Don has written that Pakistan has decided not to attend this summit and has brought itself back on the foot.


Malaysia vs China

Hot comments in Pakistani media

Don wrote that division is not a new thing in the Islamic world. “If Imran Khan thinks that he can join Malaysia and Turkey with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Then he will have to come up with the same strategy”. Imran Khan hastily talked about cooperation with Ardoan and Mahathir on many fronts and opening a channel. Why did Imran Khan not know that Saudi would object? Why did the Prime Minister accept Mahathir’s invitation? Did they not have any idea of ​​the Saudi and UAE reaction? In this case, Pakistan and Imran Khan have shown impudence at the level of strategy.

Don has written in his editorial that this is a strategic lapse. And there is a need to learn from it.


It is also said that the idea of ​​this summit was put by Emraan Khan with Mahathir and Ardoan. PM Mahathir and Turkish President Rechepa Tayyip Erdogan had agreed to Imran Khan’s proposal.

Imran Khan visited Saudi Arabia on Saturday last week. It is being told in Pakistani media that Imran Khan. I went to assure Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that Saudi’s interests would not be compromised by his summit.

Saudi Arabia has saved Pakistan from being a defaulter in a debt trap. Saudi has often helped Pakistan in difficult times. When Imran Khan came to power after the general elections in 2018, Pakistan was struggling with an economic crisis. And Saudi Arabia had helped Pakistan with $ 6 billion. If Saudi did not help, then Pakistan could be the defaulter.


Pakistan China

Saudi-Pakistan friendship

Apart from this, 27 lakh Pakistanis work in Saudi Arabia. And the foreign exchange coming from there is a big contribution in the forex of Pakistan. It is being said about the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that it has become defunct. So Muslim countries need a new platform.

After Saudi’s objection, a very difficult situation had happened for Imran Khan.


Turkey and Malaysia came out openly in the Kashmir case while Saudi did not oppose India. Apart from this, Turkey and Malaysia have also been supporting Pakistan’s membership in NSG.

Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan in August last year and visited Malaysia in November.

Three months before Imran Khan, 92-year-old Mahathir Mohammad again became the Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2018. Corruption was the biggest issue in Imran and Mahathir’s election campaign. Along with this, the debt of China in both countries was also increased immensely.


Mahathir is a keen player of politics. He had previously been in power from 1981 to 2003. At the same time, Imran Khan was the only cricket player before. Mahathir stopped the Chinese $ 22 billion project as soon as he came and said that it was absolutely unnecessary.

On the other hand, Imran Khan showed as much indifference to China’s $ 60 billion projects in Pakistan under One Belt One Road as did Nawaz Sharif.

Saudi Arab


Support on Kashmir

When Imran Khan reached Kuala Lumpur in November 2018, he was welcomed like a rockstar. Imran Khan said that both Malaysia and Pakistan are standing on a path. Imran Khan had said, “Both me and Mahathir have entrusted with power by the people, being free from corruption. We are both struggling with debt problems. We can come together and deal with our problems. Mahathir has brought Malaysia on the path of progress. We hope that we will learn from Mahathir’s experience. “Both are Muslim-majority countries.

This was the beginning of Imran Khan and the close of Malaysia. When India and Pakistan became tense, Imran Khan called Mahathir Mohammad. It that in Imran Khan’s initial foreign tour. Malaysia was the only country from which Imran Khan did not ask for a loan.

Pakistan came closest to Malaysia during the rule of Mahathir Mohammad. There was an Economic Partnership Agreement between Pakistan and Malaysia in 2007. Malaysia was also with Pakistan when the Kashmir issue went to the UN Security Council. Even the Malaysian Prime Minister raised the issue of Kashmir. And besieged India at the United Nations General Assembly last month. For India, it was nothing short of a shock.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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