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Saudi Arabia Hajj Ministry Banned International Islamic Pilgrimage Visitors

The Hajj pilgrimage will take place in Saudi Arabia this year amid a coronavirus epidemic, but the rule has changed. This time only people living in Saudi will be able to travel. Foreigners will not be allowed to do this. According to media reports, this time, only a limited number of people will be allowed to perform Hajj. After this decision of the Saudi government, the entire money of 2.13 lakh Indians of India will refund to their account, Union Minority Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi informed this. This year, the Hajj pilgrimage was held from 28 July to 2 August.

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How Many Saudi People Will Be Able To Do Hajj This Year?

Haj Minister Mohammad Bentin said on Tuesday – this time, around one thousand people will be allowed to travel. This number may be slightly more or less. Corona test will do for all the passengers before the Haj. He will also be quarantined 14 days after the trip.

What is India’s Quota is Hajj?

Two lakhs. India’s quota was increased from 1.70 lakh to 1.75 lakh in 2018. The allowance increased to 2 lakhs in 2019.

How Many People Applied For Hajj this year?

More than 2 lakh people applied for Haj in 2020. By March, 1.18 lakh people had registered. Out of this, 16 thousand people had their registration canceled in the first week of June. At the same time, more than 2300 women were going to travel this year without Maharam (male partner). These women will send on a journey in 2021 on this basis.

How Many People From India Visited Hajj last year?

In 2019, 2 lakh people performed the pilgrimage. One lakh 40 thousand pilgrims went for the Haj pilgrimage through the Haj Committee of India and 60 thousand pilgrims through Haj Group Organizer (HGO).

How many fees taken from the Zionists From India?

2 lakh rupees. These have to pay in two installments.

Do Pilgrims Get Subsidy in India?

Not now. The subsidy scrapped in 2018. The government used to give around 37 thousand rupees to each Haj pilgrim.

The Haj Pilgrimage Has Canceled. How Will The Indian Zionis Get The Fee Back?

Fees have to be deposited from the bank account online. Now there will be a refund in the report on its own. No money will deduct.

How Many People Were Estimated To Go To Saudi This Year?

According to media reports, this year, 20 lakh people could reach Mecca-Medina for the Haj pilgrimage.

When Was The Haj Pilgrimage Banned Before This?

According to the New York Times, for the first time since 1932, the Haj pilgrimage has been banned. Earlier, the trip canceled due to war and untouchability.

How Many People From All Over The World Went To Hajj Last Year?

Last year, around 2.5 million pilgrims from over 180 countries of the world went on Haj. Out of these, 18.6 lakh passengers came from outside Saudi Arabia. Indonesia has the highest number of people, around 2.20 lakh.

How Much Does Saudi Arabia Earn From Hajj?

According to reports, Saudi Arabia earns about $1200 million every year from Hajj Yatra and Umrah.

1.61 Lakhs Infected in Saudi

So far, 1.61 lakh cases of infection have reported in Saudi Arabia. Of these, more than 1.05 lakh have cured. At the same time, 1307 people have died. Lockdown restrictions were relaxed here only last week.

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