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Saudi Arabia Schools Are Open During Ramadan, People Are Furious


The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has decided that schools will remain open during Ramadan. This decision of the government has angered many people in the country. Recently a video has also gone viral on social media in which a school student is asking Education Minister Dr Hamad Al-Asheikh to keep schools closed during Ramadan. After 15 years in Saudi Arabia, it is happening that schools are being kept open during Ramadan.

In Saudi Arabia, instead of two semesters, the academic year of three semesters has now been started. Regarding this, it has been announced that the students of Saudi Arabia will have to come to school 24 days of the month before the 12-day holiday of Eid.

Before Ramadan, the Saudi Ministry of Education had informed us about the opening of schools and changes in their timings. The ministry had said that the schools would start between 9-10 am, and the time of each class would be 35 minutes.


However, the ministry has empowered all the education departments to decide when the schools will start. The ministry said in its announcement that the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday for the students would begin on April 26.

Student’s question to Saudi Education Minister

A student questioned the Saudi Education Minister about the opening of schools during the month of Ramadan, after which the discussion on the closure of schools on social media has heated up.

Indeed, during the opening ceremony of the Third School League, a nationwide tournament to search for talent, a student asked Education Minister Dr Hamad Al-Asheikh if ​​it was possible to close schools during Ramadan. The minister said that this was not possible. The child argued that coming to school during Ramzan is tiring.


The minister said to the student, ‘Coming to school in Ramadan is the same as coming to school on other days.’

Seeing this conversation between them became viral on social media, and people started giving arguments in favour of closing the school. Many on social media said that schools should be completed during Ramzan as it would affect the performance of both students and teachers.

‘Schools should be kept closed.’

Abdulsalam al-Munief, a columnist for the Mecca newspaper, believes schools should remain closed during Ramadan. “Both teachers and students agree that reading and teaching in Ramadan hinders the learning process for both,” he said. Based on illogical considerations, some may justify the need to open schools during Ramadan. But there are many things to be considered while making such unfair comparisons.


At the same time, some people say that it is not right to keep children away from education for so long. He says that the ministry should continue the schools through online classes.

Mohammad Abdurrahman, the father of four children, told Arab News, ‘The ministry constantly says that online classes have been highly successful during the pandemic. Then why are our children still not being taught using the same medium? In this way, our children will also be able to study in the month of Ramzan and enjoy spirituality.

Basim Felimban, the father of two intermediate students, said that work never comes in the way of Ramadan. He recalled his time 28 years ago when he was a student. He said, ‘We used to do sehri before going to school, offer namaz and take about three hours of sleep. In the days of Ramzan, children did not talk loudly in school and adopted good habits.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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