The Second Wave Of Coronavirus Infection In the US, Experts Claim

Miami Beach in Coronavirus

The second wave of Coronavirus is rising in America. Its most in-depth signs are visible in 4 states, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California. Researchers from at least five institutions, including the Johns Hopkins Center, Perelman School of Medicine, have claimed this in their study. Texas, Florida, and California are among the top 10 infected states.

Researcher Eric Toner of the Johns Hopkins Center said the new wave of Coronavirus is still small and distant, but it is emerging in parts of the US. However, it is too early to say that the cases of infection have increased due to the massive crowd in the free and ongoing demonstrations against apartheid.

One can say this because hair salons, tattoo parlours, gyms in Georgia opened a month and a half ago, but there has been a drop in cases. Jeffrey Morris, director of the biostatistics department of the Perelman School of Medicine, says there is a need to be more vigilant now.

The Major States From Where Emerging Threat, 3 Of These Top 10 Affected

FDA Commissioner Stephen Han said that they are studying the relationship between unlocked and growing cases, because if cases have suddenly increased in a week, then there are no cases. There have been 20,66,611 cases in the US so far. While 1,15,140 deaths have occurred, on the other hand, Ashish Jha, head of the Global Health Institute at Harvard, has said that the death toll from Coronavirus in the US could reach two lakhs by September.

Coronavirus in Texas

The maximum number of 2504 new cases reported in a day is Two thousand five hundred four new cases of Coronavirus in Texas. This is the most significant figure of a day here. People are criticizing Governor Greg Abbot for unlocking in the state. The state has so far received 81,434 cases, while 1,920 deaths have occurred.


There are 8,553 cases a week in Florida after unlocked 8553 cases in a week. This is the most prominent figure of a week so far. However, the Health Department has said that the facts have increased due to more tests. So far, 67,371 cases have reported in the state. There have been 2,803 deaths.


In Los Angeles alone, 50% of the state’s new cases held at the end of March in California. In the last one week, only 50% of the state’s 8562 new cases have found in Los Angeles while there is not a single case in San Francisco in 3 days.

Coronavirus in Arizona

The highest number of 1556 new cases also came in 24 hours. Arizona has suddenly increased in 2 weeks. The maximum number of 1,556 cases has happened here in 24 hours. That’s why hospitals are making emergency plans. There have been 29,852 cases in the state. There have been 1,095 deaths.

Claims in The Study

Very early examination of Coronavirus can lead to wrong results. A very initial analysis of Corona can lead to incorrect conclusions. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have claimed a study. According to this, it is better to check the virus after three days of showing symptoms. Researchers analyzed 1,330 samples of patients’ saliva. Team member Lauren Kusirka said that having or not having symptoms is not a guarantee of being infected.