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Shortest Lifespan Creature on Earth, Life is Only 24 Hours


Shortest Lifespan Creature on Earth: Not every living being has the same age. You already know that creatures like whales, sharks and tortoises have a long life. But do you know that there are some such creatures whose period is concise?

Shortest Lifespan Creature on Earth

Some creatures are guests on this earth for only a year or a few months. So let’s know about the animals that live for the shortest days.


Rabbit is an innocent animal found in every part of the world, in the forests. People also keep it in their homes. But their age is only 8-12 years. They have many species. The biggest reason for the death of rabbits found in many colours is excessive fat accumulation or uterine cancer in female rabbits.


Guinea pigs

This tiny looking animal is found in South America. Its lifespan is only between 4 to 8 years, which is much less than other animals. An adult guinea pig weighs only 700 to 1200 grams.


The age of the rats seen in or around the houses is also concise. Rats have a maximum lifespan of one year.


Often you must have seen the four-winged dragonfly flying in the evening. It has many colours. If we talk about age, then it remains alive for a maximum of 4 months. The lifespan of many dragonflies is less than four months.



Generally, flies are found everywhere, especially on sweet things and in dirty places. The life span of flies is only four weeks.


The mosquito is the youngest creature on earth. Their life is only 24 hours. Mosquitoes are also called ‘one-day bugs’ because of their short life span.

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