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Taiwan Times Wrote On Photo Of The Day- Ram Killed The Dragon

Taiwan Times Photo Of The Day: The violent clash between soldiers of China and India in the Galvan Valley on Monday night made headlines in the world media for the second consecutive day. CNN said that after this incident, the pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to respond has increased. On the other hand, the British newspaper The Guardian has expressed fears that such clashes will increase.

Meanwhile, a photo has gone viral on social media. Taiwan Times has described this photo as their photo of the day. Taiwan wrote that Rama of India killed the dragon of China.

CNN: Troubled

Times According to CNN, 20 soldiers died in India. The effort of both countries is to reduce tension. However, some people in India are demanding a strong response to China. The pressure is on Prime Minister Modi. India, Pakistan, and South Asia expert Alyssa Ayers said, “Overall, it is a difficult time. India was financially under pressure. The problem increased with the lockdown.

Meanwhile, the border dispute with India’s three countries Pakistan, China, and Nepal, continues. Both Modi and Jinping came to power with the promise of nationalism and making the country great. The attitude of the people of both countries is aggressive. They need answers.

The Guardian

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the tension between the two countries collided after 1975 in the Himalayan region. This is the most violent clash since 1967. Now the people of both countries will also united. There were already loud nationalistic obsessive slogans. One thing is clear that there is a possibility of such clashes. Their direction is also not clear. Both countries would like to decide their line of actuarial control (LAC). One thing is clear that Indians are shocked and extremely angry after this incident.

Washington Post: China’s Attitude Changed

According to the American newspaper Washington Post, India has limited options to respond to Chinese incursions. Minor skirmishes can turn into big battles. India tries to pull China back through negotiations and avoid any such incidents in the future.

Concerned by China, many countries write further to the Washington Post – This month, the China Army conducted a drill. It also propagated. China wanted to send a message that it could deploy troops rapidly on the Indian border. And his army can fight even under low temperature and low oxygen conditions. Indian experts believe that China is showing an aggressive attitude. Nirupama Rao, who had been the ambassador there, says this is the new attitude of China. He is adopting dynamic methods to serve his interests in the world. This is a matter of concern for many countries.

New York Post: No Fear of Rust In the

New York Post, South Asian expert Michael Kuglyman wrote – The war between the two countries is difficult. Both are not ready to bear its weight. But, one thing is clear – this tension will not be over with any magic because both countries have suffered a lot.
Former India diplomat Vivek Katju said- The situation and situation which has been going on for 40 years suddenly turned into violence. There were clashes even earlier. However, no one killed. The government and the military have to think very seriously about the future.

China Gets Aggressive

New York Post further wrote – What happened in Galvan Valley tells what and how China wants to achieve. You can see this through the Galvan incident and also in the South China Sea. China has been preparing for LAC for decades. He built bunkers and roads there. India also became active for a few years. He, too, started preparing for equality. Made the road to Daulat Beg Oldi (DOB). In any case, China wants to stop India.

Washington Examiner: China Has Emboldened India

Washington Examiner Journalist Tom Rogan wrote- The Chinese Army has instigated the nationalist lion of India. 20 Indian soldiers have killed. China is trying to change the old situation in Ladakh. Now Modi will be under pressure to give the same answer to China, which he gave to Pakistan in February 2019.

Al Jazeera: Modi Would Like US Support

According to Al Jazeera, the situation is pointing towards a hot scene. Narendra Modi would like to help and support from America. Sino-American relations are going through a bad phase. There is no doubt that Modi has a powerful ally as Trump. If there is any discussion on the next step between Delhi and Washington, it should not be surprising. Indians will stand with their Prime Minister against this action of China. The media will also support it. If India attacked, it would answer. They are not going to leave.

Taiwan Times

The Taiwan Times has featured photos of Lord Rama and Dragon in Photo of the Day. In its article, the Taiwan Times reported that this photo shared by Hong Kong’s Twitter user Hosai Lei. In this, Lord Rama saw shooting arrows at the dragon. It was written on the picture- We will win, we will kill. The post received 861 likes, was retweeted 300 times, and received 32 comments. Many Indian social media users thanked Hosai Lei. In reply, Hosai told him that we support you.

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