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Taiwan Built Secret Tunnels For Fighter Jets, Photos Released


Tension continues between China and Taiwan over their borders. Taiwan has built tunnels for fighter jets inside its country to avoid Chinese attacks. These tunnels connect many airbases. Taiwan’s Air Force keeps its fighter jets safe inside these strong bunkers. Fighter jets are repaired inside these. This is where bombs, rockets and missiles are deployed.

F-16V Viper Fighter Jets
F-16V Viper Fighter Jets Can Be Seen In The Underground Hangar.

Fighter jets of the Taiwanese army come out from inside these bunkers and do sorties. After that, they go back inside them. The Taiwanese Air Force is also called the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF). For the first time, the Taiwanese Air Force has released pictures of the caves holding its fighter jets to the media. These are scarce pictures. The photo of this place had never been released before.

Taiwanese Air Force Engineers
Taiwanese Air Force Engineers Are Deploying Live Missiles On Fighter Jets.

It can be seen in these pictures that Taiwanese Air Force engineers are deploying Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile on their upgraded F-16V Viper fighter jets. The Taiwanese Air Force released some photos of these underground hangars on its Facebook post on 28 July 2022, i.e. this morning. It was written that he is repairing and preparing his fighter planes for Han Kuang’s annual military exercise.

Taiwanese Engineers Deploying Missiles
Engineers Are Working Very Carefully While Deploying The Missiles.

These photos are of the Fifth Tactical Composite Wing of the Taiwan Air Force. Who will perform this military exercise from their aircraft? Additionally, they will set weapons on them after repairing the fighter jets in the stipulated time. However, the Taiwanese Air Force did not say what fighter jets these are. But it is clear from the pictures that these are upgraded F-16V Viper fighter jets. Harpoon anti-ship missiles have been installed on them.

Taiwan Bring Heavy Missiles
Smaller Vehicles Like Cranes Are Being Used To Bring Heavy Missiles.

Taiwan is the primary user country of the Harpoon missile. Apart from this, AIM-120C Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles can also be seen in the pictures. AIM-9L/M Sidewinders missiles have also been deployed under the wings of some fighter jets. Brown and yellow stripes on these missiles indicate that these missiles are active or alive. The blue bars indicate that the weapons are loaded inside these missiles.

These pictures were taken under the mountain near Chiashan Air Force Base in Hualien’s province. These underground hangars have been built under this mountain. The Taiwanese army is known for maintaining its secrets. The location of his weapons, aircraft etc., is not known. This is the first time the Taiwanese Air Force has released a picture of one of its secret locations. It is not yet known why Taiwan put these pictures online. But perhaps he wants to tell that preparations are complete to give a befitting reply to China’s attack.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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