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Afghanistan: Taliban Bans The Appearance Of Women In TV Shows


Taliban Bans Women In TV: You watch the serial on TV, and all the men appear in it. It isn’t easy to imagine such a show without even a single female character appearing in the entire show. But this is going to happen in Afghanistan. According to the English newspaper BBC news, the Taliban has issued 8-point religious guidelines for TV and information.

According to this, all those TV shows have been banned in Afghanistan, in which female characters are shown in any way. This means that neither mother-in-law nor daughter-in-law nor daughter will be seen on TV in Afghanistan. It sounds a bit strange, but it is true. It will be interesting to see how TV serials will be made and shown without women.


What are religious guidelines?

According to these guidelines based on Islam, it is necessary for female news anchors and female reporters to wear hijab. It also banned all foreign films that made fun of Islam or Sharia law, made comments about Prophet Mohammed, or promoted other religions and cultural values.

In this, there is a complete ban on women working or appearing in TV serials. The display of men’s parts in films has also been banned, men’s shirts have also been banned on TV. Earlier, the Taliban had banned young girls and girls from going to school.


Journalists protested

According to Huzzatullah Mujaddeedi, who is associated with the organization representing journalists in Afghanistan, this rule is unpredictable. Due to their implementation, people making TV shows may be forced to close their businesses.

Aren’t Iran and Saudi Arabia too different?

Iran is an Islamic country where women are not allowed to go out without wearing a hijab. Last month, the Daily Mail reported that Iran issued new censorship rules prohibiting women from being shown on TV eating pizza or wearing gloves. Apart from this, a man cannot even be shown serving tea to a woman on TV.

In February this year, many women journalists and social organizations protested Iran’s head of state, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issuing a decree for a hijab on female characters in TV cartoons.


In Saudi Arabia, ‘Islamic Codes of Dress and Behavior’ are in force, under which women are required to wear hijab outside the home. In 2014, due to its protest, a female anchor did a show without a hijab, about which many reactions were seen.

Female Anchor Without Hijab Taliban
A female journalist anchoring without a hijab.

Egypt set an example.

News anchors are not required to wear hijab in Egypt. According to the news of Aljazeera, this tradition, which has been going on for the last 50 years, was ended by President Mohamed Morsi in 2012. Here women were allowed to wear a hijab during news shows of their own free will. With this, Fatma Nabil became the first anchor to read news on TV with hijab.

Fatma Nabil Hijab
Fatma Nabil read the news wearing a hijab.

A return to the 1996 era in Afghanistan?

Earlier in the year 1996, the Taliban had issued such guidelines in Afghanistan. At that time, women were ordered to be entirely in a burqa. Women were beaten in the middle of the road for not seeing any part of the hand, wrist or leg or taking any man with them. Many human rights organizations protested against these incidents.


The government formed after America’s departure

Twenty years ago, the US forces overthrew the Taliban from Afghanistan, but in September last year, the Taliban occupied Afghanistan as soon as the US forces left Afghanistan. After this, there was turmoil in the country for several days; people were ready to cross any limit to leave the country.

But as soon as the government was formed, the Taliban tried to show their changed picture to the world. However, this effort proved fruitless due to the Taliban’s attitude towards women. The Taliban started imposing restrictions on women from school to jobs.

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