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Monk Phanom Wins 4 Crore Rupees Lottery, Donates All Money to Charity


After winning a lottery of four crore rupees in Thailand, a monk (Buddhist Monk) started donating it to the people. Monk is donating this money to local people, other temples and various organizations. The name of this 47-year-old Monk from the northern province of Nakhon Phanom is Phra Kru Phanom, who is also the secretary of a temple named Wat Phra That Phanom Woramahawihan.

Monk Phanom Wins 4 Crore Rupees Lottery

Monk Phanom recently won a lottery prize of 18 million baht (over Rs 4 crore), which he is now donating. He says he does not usually buy lottery tickets because monks should not engage in gambling. But a few days back, he had bought a lottery ticket to help a local shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was struggling financially during the Corona epidemic.

‘The money won belongs to the angels’

Phanom believes that the money he won belongs to the angels, and he does not want to keep it for himself. So he decided to distribute the money won in the lottery to others. After this, he started donating 200-200 baht (500-550 rupees) to thousands of local people.


It was told in the report that after the announcement of donating money, there was a line of people near Monk. Thousands of people started coming to the temple. The situation is that the provincial officials monitor the crowd and get Kovid rules to be followed among the crowd. Monk has donated a total of 1.5 million baht (34 lakh) to the area’s local people. He says that he will give all the money (4 crores) to charity.

Monk Phanom told Thai media that angels blessed him to win the lottery and help people as he has been taking care of the temple for ten years. He said he had brought three lottery tickets with number 061905 three days before the lottery draw. The seller himself had asked him to help him buy the lottery ticket.

Although this is not the first time a monk has won the lottery, from time to time, there are reports of monks winning the lottery in the Thai media. People are praising this Buddhist Monk for donating such a considerable amount.

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