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The Photos of the Sex Museum Sued the Instagram Face of Turkey


A Turkish influencer says his country has sued him for “satirical images he threw at the famous سکس sex museum in Amsterdam”.

Merv Tashkent, 23, posted pictures of سکس sex toys being sold in a museum shop. He had travelled to the Netherlands in January 2020 to celebrate his birthday, including at the museum.

A few months later, he said he had been arrested in Turkey. A country that criminalises the publication of ” obscene ” images.


He has now announced that the court has summoned him to be informed of the charge.

Under Turkish law, those who publish obscene images are fined and sentenced to three years in prison.

“My goal was humour,” Ms Tashkan told the Spot News 18.

He is one of the prominent figures among the Turks who use Instagram. About 600,000 people follow him on Instagram and watch his photos.


The Spot News 18 attempt to contact the Turkish embassy in London was unsuccessful. For this reason, their opinion is not reflected in this news.

“I am afraid of martyrdom.”

Ms Tashken lives in Istanbul. He says he travelled to Amsterdam with two friends to celebrate his 22nd birthday.

He and his friends had already decided to visit the سکس sex Museum in Amsterdam, one of the city’s tourist attractions.


Ms Tashkan went to the museum store and published some photos of the products there. Among them is a type of pasta (dough) in the shape of a penis and a “sexy” soda opener.


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In Ms Tashkent’s world, the publication of these images only expands the mind, but Turkey criminalises the publication of such images.

He says he was arrested twice after returning from the Netherlands. Once upon a time, there was a summer vacation. This is the second time he has written to the prosecutor.


Ms Tashken thought her troubles were over until she received a text message summoning her to a court in Istanbul earlier this year.

A picture of the text message was seen by Spot News 18 reporters, in which it was said that he had to introduce himself in court on October 26. His crime is a violation of Article 226 of the Turkish Constitution. This is the article that prohibits the publication of ” obscene ” content.

Ms Tashkan has deleted a number of her tweets for fear of further accusations.


He says he is afraid to appear in court but intends to appear in court.

سکس sex Museum in Turkey

The news of the trial of this Turkish Instagram figure has also spread in the Netherlands, and many are following his story.


Monique van Marle, director of the سکس sex Museum, told Spot News 18 that such allegations were “absolutely ridiculous”.

In a message to Ms Tashkent, Ms Marle said the museum praised her for being “a great role model for other women” and lamented that she was in trouble.

The message states that the purpose of this museum is to teach “the history of سکس sex to the people of the world.” They praised Ms Tashkan for publishing the photos.


Human rights groups say Internet freedom of expression is declining in Turkey.

Critics of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have called him a “tyrant” who severely suppresses any opposition to his conservative beliefs and religious beliefs.

Last year, the Turkish parliament passed a law that increased censorship on social media.

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