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Total Wine & More – All Details and FAQs Related to Total Wine & More


Maryland-based Total Wine & More continues its fight to open a mega wine and spirits store in the Big Apple. Total Wine filed a notice of appeal July 15 to the New York State Supreme Court in Albany, challenging a June 16 ruling against its application for a license to open MCT New York Fine Wine & Spirits (also known as Total Wine) in College Point/Flushing, Queens.

Last month, the state Supreme Court in Queens County, New York City, ruled favor of the State Liquor Authority’s 2020 ruling denying the license, asserting that Total’s application failed to demonstrate necessary standards of “public convenience and advantage.” In its notice of appeal, Total Wine claims that the SLA’s rejection was based on “misconstrued facts” and “unreliable evidence.”

Total Wine, owned by brothers David Trone and Robert Trone, has 216 stores in 27 states, with annual revenues surpassing $5 billion in 2020. The retail giant anticipates a total of 230 stores nationwide by year-end. Total already has one store in New York, in Westbury on Long Island, but has been stymied in its bid to further expand in the Empire State.—Kevin Barry.


Total Wine Delivery

Is total wine cheaper than Walmart?

Total Wine is not the cheapest place to buy the most common beers. If you want a case of Coors or Busch, go to Walmart, and you’ll save at least a buck or two. Total Wine was not only cheaper overall, but every single item I shopped for had lower prices.

What is the Total Wines delivery fee?

How much does delivery cost, and is the cost included in my order total on The delivery cost starts at $25 for up to one case; each additional case will cost $2.75 (three points would cost $30.50). This is not included in your order total when you place your order online.


Does Total Wine & More sell liquor?

You’ll find our favorite products in every category of spirits, including whiskeys, vodka, rum, tequila, brandy, and cordials, at every price level.

Is Costco or Total Wine cheaper?

We regularly say that Costco prices their wine at least 10-20% below other retail outlets. … And while there’s no doubt that the selection at Total Wine is hard to beat almost anywhere (and that’s the #1 reason I visit), it seems to me that they’ve been steadily rising prices.

What company owns Total wine?

Total Wine & More is a large, family-owned, privately held American alcohol retailer founded and led by brothers David Trone and Robert Trone.


Who has better prices, Total Wine, or specs?

I’ve price-checked on a ton of items using both Specs and Total Wine’s web search. Total Wine is >10% cheaper across the board. In most cases, Total Win’s regular price even beats Twin’s dollar days.

Does Bevmo’s price match total wine?

Does Bevmo price match? Yes, they will price match the total wine if the store is closer to them, and you will have proof.

Total Wine & More


Does Total Wine accept competitors’ coupons?

No, Total Wine does not allow coupon stacking. We researched this on Jul 15, 2021. Check Total Wine’s website to see if they have updated their coupon stacking policy since then. … Newegg ( is a brand like Total Wine that does allow coupon stacking.
S total wine an excellent company to work for?

“Total Wine & More is a great company for those looking to start a new career. They provide a good salary and benefits but have no understanding of boundaries between personal life and career, which is why there is such a high turnover rate and fast burnout.”

Where did total wine originate?

Total Wine & More is America’s Wine Superstore® — the country’s largest independent retailer of fine wine. We started in 1991 when brothers David and Robert Trone opened a small store in Delaware.


Does total wine do anything for birthdays?

No, Total Wine does not offer birthday discounts.

Do Total wine employees get free wine?

A team member, plus a guest, may attend our wine, beer, and spirits classes for free in designated store locations.

What discount do Total wine employees get?

10% on store brand spirits. Nearly all of these are bulk or “jug” wines and spirits. 30% off Winery Direct wines (the ones you need to sell) and 10% off most singles of beer or non-winery direct wines.


How much does a supervisor at Total wine make?

The average salary for a Supervisor is $51,384 per year in the United States, 46% higher than the average Total Wine & More wage of $35,093 per year for this job.

How many wines are in Texas?

Texas has the Total Wine & More locations in the US, with 36 locations, 16% of all Total Wine & More locations in America.

Is total wine coming to Nashville?

Despite nixing two Nashville-area stores, the liquor giant is not giving up on Tennessee. Total Wine & More, the Maryland-based booze giant, is no longer going forward with plans to set up shop in Cool Springs, according to a spokesman for the shopping center that was set to be the retailer’s home.


Is total wine coming to Michigan?

Total Wine & More, an alcohol superstore, is set to open its first Michigan location. Full Wine & More — a large retailer of beer, wine, spirits, and more with stores nationwide — plans to open its first Michigan store. MiBiz reported the retailer would open in the Grand Rapids area.

Total Wine Price

Does total wine give cashback?

Pay for qualifying purchases at the merchant with a linked card. Get $20 cashback on your first purchase of $100 or more! … Cash back rewards will be credited to your card statement within a few days.


Does Total Wine pay OK?

The average Total Wine & More salary ranges from approximately $33,000 per year for a Cashier to $148,491 per year for a District Manager. The average Total Wine & More hourly pay ranges from about $11 per hour for a Front End to $23 per hour for a Senior Specialist.

Do Total Wine employees make commission?

No, there are no commissions through Total Wine & More. This is a salary position, at least at corporate headquarters. The stores and managers of stores are differently compensated – they do earn commissions based on sales.

What kind of drug test does total wine use?

It is a 10-panel urine screen so that it will pick up any anti-depressants like Paxil and Lexapro, and it will find anxiolytics like Xanax and Valium. Random urine test. General before being offered employment.


Does total wine Scan IDS?

Total Wine delivery? They scan your id. It’s contactless to the extent that the person can stand about 4/5 feet away from you if your both stretch your arms out so they can scan your ID.

Does total wine sell greeting cards?

With Treat, you can have your Total Wine & More gift card delivered in unique, “ready to gift” packaging, such as a high-quality greeting card customized with a note and design of your choosing.

How much does total wine pay in Minnesota?

Average Total Wine & More Cashier hourly pay in Minnesota is approximately $13.11, 19% above the national average.


Does Total Wine random drug test?

Total Wine does a background check and 10-panel drug screen on every applicant. The drug test looks for the usual cocaine, amphetamines, and THC, but it will also find benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium) and any anti-depressant.

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