President Donald Trump Stops World Health Organisation Funding

Donald Trump Stops WHO Fund

The US has banned the World Health Organization (WHO) funding. President Donald Trump announced this on Tuesday. Trump said the WHO disguised the severity of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) spread in China. Had the organization worked on a basic level, the epidemic would not have spread throughout the world, and the death toll would have been much lower.

Donald Trump said at the press conference that he is ordering his administration to stop funding. The WHO did not maintain transparency about the epidemic. The United States, which is the largest fund for this UN institution, will now consider what to do with that money. Trump said that the US funds WHO $ 400-500 million (about 3 thousand crores rupees) every year, while China contributes 40 million dollars (about 300 crores rupees). Recently WHO Director-General Tedros Gabresus said that giving political color to the case of COVID-19 would only increase the death toll.

Donald Trump Accuses – WHO Did Not Fulfill His Duty

Donald Trump said the WHO failed to meet its duty regarding Corona. He alleged that when the virus spread in China, the UN organization tried to hide it and should be held accountable for it. Earlier, Trump also accused the WHO of favoring China.

“When the coronavirus cases reported in Wuhan city of China, the WHO failed to assess it,” he said. Did the WHO assess China’s ground situation through medical experts. This epidemic could have been confined in Wuhan and would have left very few lives. “Donald Trump said that thousands of lives would have saved, and the world’s economy would not have harmed.

The UN Chief Said – This Decision Is Not Correct

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres did not justify Trump’s decision. He said that this time is not appropriate to reduce the funding of the World Health Organization or other humanitarian organizations. I believe WHO should be supported to win the fight against Corona.

America: 2,407 Deaths in 24 Hours

Two thousand 407 people have died in 24 hours in America. With this, the figure of deaths in the country has increased to 26 thousand 47. At the same time, 26 thousand 945 new cases of infection have reported. The number of infected here has reached six lakh 13 thousand 886. Donald Trump.

So far, 19 lakh 97 thousand 906 people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide. One lakh 26 thousand 604 have died.

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