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Donald Trump Said – America Can Completely Break Relations With China

Tensions in the US and China are increasing. US President Donald Trump released a statement on Twitter on Thursday night. In recent times, this can be considered as the biggest threat or warning to China from the American side. Trump said – we have the option to end the relationship with China.

The unique thing is that Trump did not give any reason why he is talking about ending the relationship with China. The day before Trump’s statement, US Trade Advisor Robert Lighthizer has said the same thing. So, the matter seems dangerous.

What did Donald Trump say?

Donald Trump also mentioned the American trade advisor Lighthizer in a tweet made Thursday night. Trump said, “It’s not Lighthizer’s fault.” Perhaps I could not make my point clear. However, the US has a strategic option. We can break all ties with China. Thank you”

Chinese Officer Met Pompeo On

Wednesday, a Chinese officer Yang Jiechi met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Yang assured Pompeo that China would abide by the agreements reached in agriculture and other sectors.

Tension On Many Issues In Both Countries

America is angry with China on many issues. Donald Trump has accused Coronavirus of misleading not only the US but the world. They also say that the virus originated from Wuhan’s lab. The US is gearing up to stop China in the South China Sea. Three American warships are stationed here. The US also blamed China for the recent military skirmishes between India and China.

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