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The Pros and Cons of Water Softeners


Groundwater that contains too large minerals is called hard water. Hard water does not dissolve well in soaps and detergent and leaves scales that stain toilets and sinks. Installing a water softener reduces minerals and provides your house with soft water. But Water Softener Advantages And Disadvantages, Water Softener Advantages, Water Softener Advantages Disadvantages, how does it work, is it worth it, and last but not least – how long do water softeners last?

Faced with tartar, water stains, damaged skin, and other damage caused by lime, the water softener is considered a miracle solution. If the water you get from your water supply has large amounts of minerals, primarily magnesium and calcium, your water will be called hard water. Conversely, if your water lacks these minerals in large quantities, it will be termed soft. Water supply from streams and lakes is more often than not naturally soft. Water can also be soft if artificially treated by the municipal water company or using a water softener.

What do you mean by water softener?

A water softener is a type of filtration device that removes magnesium and calcium from the water. Emollients come in many different types:



By far, the most popular kind of water softener is this one. It functions by replacing magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions, which do not have any of the harmful effects of magnesium and calcium. If you have a home softener, it is likely of this type.

Reverse osmosis

This device uses a semipermeable membrane to filter water, removing up to 98 per cent of water contaminants. It is quite a costly device and uses a large amount of water. However, this device is excellent for removing chemical pollutants like magnesium and calcium.


A mechanical filter is used in this device to remove calcium. However, it is not very effective regarding hard water. It is not able to get rid of magnesium.


How do you detect the hardness of the water?

Some of the most common signs that the water in your house is hard are when you notice marks on your bathroom tiles, sinks or if your fixture needs to be repaired frequently. This also indicates that the water has an excess of minerals in it. In addition, you can also get the water tested with the help of self-test kits from reliable and trustworthy companies. This will tell you the degree of hardness in your water.

Do I need a water softener?

Water softener companies spend millions of dollars to persuade people that water softeners are a must-have for every home. However, in many places, water softeners might not even be essential. Unless your water hardness level surpasses seven parts per gallon (ppg), or 120 milligrams per litre, most state environmental agencies advise against using a water softener.

Manufacturers of water softeners, predictably, assert that any amount of mineral hardness in water is a severe issue and that even “slightly hard” and “moderately hard” water should be softened. They will contend that softening is necessary for any water over one ppg hard. Although this comes down to personal opinion, you should be aware that the official position is that only hard water (7 parts per gallon or more) has to be softened.


Advantages and disadvantages of emollient water

How much you weigh each benefit and drawback will determine whether you decide to soften your water or not:

Pros of using a softener:

  • It eliminates the build-up of shells on counters, pipes, and plumbing fixtures and can prolong their lifespan.
  • Extends the life of household appliances as well. Because the water is less calcareous, build-up of scale is significantly reduced in household appliances that use water.
  • Soft water makes detergents and soaps work more efficiently.
  • Some people find that soft water feels better on their skin.

Cons of using a softener:

  • Small health risk for those on a low sodium diet. The ion exchange method adds approximately 7.5 mg of salt per litre of water.
  • A softener removes almost all magnesium and calcium from the water. Some people may thus need to add supplements to substitute these essential elements.
  • Maintenance costs & chores – It is required to add salt regularly to the brine tank. Also, the unit must be regularly maintained.
  • Some find the feeling of softened water slimy and slippery.
  • The process releases salt water into the sewage system, which can cause possible environmental problems.


The benefits and drawbacks of utilizing a water softening system must be weighed. You might not need a softener if you can afford to change your appliances and plumbing fittings regularly. The trade-off seems excessive to the majority of individuals. In the long term, having a softener can be more cost-effective. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the adverse effects of hard water, such as unhealthy skin and hair, dirty-looking dishes and glasses, or ineffective showers.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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