WHO Coronavirus Figures: 83,000 People Infected Outside China

Apart from China, Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in other countries. Eighty-three thousand cases of Coronavirus have reported outside China. On Monday, the World Health Organization spokesman gave the news agency to Xinhua News Agency. The spokesman said that the havoc of this epidemic had reached 146 countries. The National Health Commission of China reported that as of Monday, 80,860 infected cases had reported in China alone, while the death toll has reached 3,213.

WHO Coronavirus Cases

Let us know that globally the death toll due to COVID-19 has reached more than 5 thousand whereas the number of people infected has reached more than 1 lakh. Death toll from Coronavirus has reported in Italy outside China. So far, 24,747 people in Italy have died from this virus. At the same time, many people have killed due to this virus in America, due to which all schools, restaurants and cinema halls have closed. India is also not untouched by this virus. There have 110 infected cases in India, while two people have died.

Neighboring Pakistan has also not saved from the grip of this virus. There have been more than 60 infected cases in Pakistan. For this, there was a discussion on the video conferencing of SAARC countries on Sunday to deal with it. India announced the creation of the COVID-19 Emergency Fund to deal with Coronavirus in SAARC countries. This virus originated from Wuhan in China is gradually spreading terror in other countries as well. There is no cure for this virus yet. Ministers of many countries have also come under the grip of this virus.

Apart from China, Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in other countries. 83000 K are recorded out of China.

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