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Why Japan’s Children Are Considered The Healthiest In The World?


Children of Japan are considered to be the healthiest in the world. According to the study in the Lancet Journal, a medical journal about health around the world, if a child is born in Japan, he is more likely to be healthy and has a long life. There are two main reasons for this.

First, their way of living and second, their way of eating. Cases of obesity and diabetes are increasing in children worldwide, but if the records are seen, such cases are significantly less in Japan. Experts have tried to understand the secret of the health of children of Japan.

What is the secret of Japanese children’s health, what habits help keep them healthy and what is the science behind it? Know the answers to these questions in 5 points…


The biggest reason for the health of Japanese children is said to be their food. According to researchers, the biggest secret to children’s health is the lunch they are given for school. It is strictly followed. Children are not sent to school without lunch. In lunch, such things are given low in calories, high in nutrients and can be easily digested.

Children’s lunch consists of baked fish, sweet corn, soup and milk in which fat is negligible. Japanese cuisine mainly includes things prepared by boiling, steaming, or baking. The use of oil spices is less. There is less fat in their food and more nutrients. Besides, locally available fruits, vegetables, and legumes are included.

According to a Business Insider report, the diet of Japanese children includes rice instead of pizza or pasta. Especially brown rice, which is considered very healthy. Here rice is made in many ways. Tomomi Takahashi, a nutritionist at Kaji Sakura Nursery School, Japan, says, “In food and drink, I advise parents to relax themselves and give them such an environment without putting pressure on the child.


No matter how busy you are, says Takahashi, in Japan, the emphasis is on sitting down and eating together once a day. Parents and other members of the house sit and eat food with the children. Due to this, children also have enthusiasm for food, and the risk of spoiling their habits is less. In such an environment, every member of the house enjoys eating. As a result, due to being happier, they also remain more healthy.

Japanese children’s health isn’t just their food but their physical activity. Researchers have found that 98.3 per cent of the children here either go to school on foot or by cycling. Due to this, there is no problem of obesity in them. Apart from this, physical activity is also emphasized in the school.

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