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Indians Are Using Winnie The Pooh to Taunt Xi Jinping Amid The Violence

Winnie The Pooh: The escalation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and the Chinese Army (PLA) escalated into violent clashes. In this battle, 20 soldiers of the Indian Army, including 1 Colonel, were killed. This clash of Indian soldiers with the Chinese Army took place on Monday night in the Galwan Valley of Eastern Ladakh. This is the most significant military battle between the two armies in the last five decades.

In 1967, the Nathu La after clashes in (Nathu La) it is the biggest clash so far. In the conflict of Nathu La, about 80 Indian soldiers were lost by the country. While 300 soldiers of China killed.

Indians Trended on Twitter #WinnieThePooh

As soon as the news of this clash came out, the best thing that Indian Twitter could have done was to wage war on social media against Chinese President Xi Jinping. And he also made #WinnieThePooh trend in the meantime.

By the way, what does this furry bear have to do with China? It understood that the Chinese government hates ‘Winnie the Pooh’, beloved of all.

Why Winnie The Pooh Only?

To make this clear, it started in 2013, when Xi Jinping travelled to the US during an official visit. And he was photographed with then US President Barack Obama. The pictures of the two together went viral, and many bloggers said that they look like famous cartoons. This scene reminded him of the scene in the Winnie the Pooh series, in which Winnie and Tiger are playing together.

It is meaningless to say that Tiger was Obama, and Winnie was Jinping. This is the picture that we found in the Twitter archive –

The same thing happened next year with movies of Jinping with Japanese PM Abe, a description of Jinping with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came, which also done with. However, this time Abe was a lost Iyore (a cartoon donkey) in sad thoughts.

An article published in the South China Morning Post suggested that it could have an indirect boon. While most bloggers were using it to make fun of the Chinese president, the government could use it for their benefit. They could use it to bring back the falling credibility to the rest of China. The author had said that this could be a positive PR campaign for Jinping, and they could use it to strengthen foreign relations.

But sadly, this did not happen. Jinping saw this as an attack on his reputation and banned his use not only on Chinese media but also on China’s social media platforms.

In a photo that went viral in 2015, in which a collage of a picture of a parade round of Chinese President Jinping has made. And Poo saw peeping through a children’s car, this last nail in the coffin proved in this case. This meme went viral on social media in large numbers, and it became the most banned picture of that year.

After The Cartoon Banned, The Film On ‘Pooh’ Also Banned

After the cartoon character Winnie, the Pooh banned in China, a film on Christopher Robin’s Pooh came out in 2018. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie itself banned in China.

Since then, any attack on China on social media remains incomplete without mentioning Winnie the Pooh. Every time Xi Jinping takes a step, this hashtag starts trending worldwide.

The same happened after the violent clash between India and China on Monday, see a glimpse-

During the growing conflict between India and China, Indian Twitter users targeted the President of China through these memes and cartoons.

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