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Woman Give Birth to Online Baby, No Need For Partner!


Woman Give Birth to Online Baby: Weird news often goes viral on social media, knowing which people are stunned. These days one such strange piece of information remains in the discussion.

The report is related to a woman who has given birth to her ‘online baby’. Yes, you read right that the woman has given birth to an ‘online baby girl’, and as you are shocked to know this, many people have been surprised to know about this news. So let us tell you what this whole matter is.

Woman Give Birth to Online Baby

33-year-old Stephanie Taylor, a resident of Nanthorp, England, has given birth to her ‘online baby’. She is calling her baby girl ‘eBay. Stephanie, the mother of a son, already wanted a second child in any case. But she had separated from her partner and did not want to get into a new relationship.


Nor did he have enough money to get a procedure like IVF done from any hospital because he had to spend close to Rs 2 lakh on showing in the hospital. So Stephanie found another way. He did an online sperm order through a baby app. I ordered an insemination kit from eBay’s e-commerce site and learned how to use the equipment by watching videos on YouTube.

Stephanie daughter was born last October.

The woman said that she had conceived her daughter Eden on the very first try. After booking sperm from the app, the sperm donor himself came to his house and gave him the sperm. Stephanie, 33, now describes her baby girl as a miracle and says she is truly an ‘online baby’. The woman said that if she did not have access to electronic resources, she would never have become a mother like this.

He had to go to the hospital. Stephanie already has a son, Frankie, who is five years old. Shortly after Frankie was born, there was a difference of opinion between Stephanie and her partner, due to which the two separated. For her second child, Stephanie neither wanted to have a relationship with that person nor with anyone else, due to which she chose this option of pregnancy.


Stephanie was told by a friend of hers about the app in which women can choose their sperm donor as per their wish. Stephanie wanted the sperm of a family man who did not have any disease. He got a donor in a single day, and then he used the kit after watching YouTube. Stephanie’s daughter, born in October last year, said that she would not hesitate to introduce her daughter to her biological father in the future.

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