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Why Does This Woman Want To Order Sperm From 3000 KM Away?


A woman wants to get her husband’s sperm from about 3000 kilometres to become a mother. She wants to become a mother through the IVF technique. Her husband is living in another country. The woman says that with time, her chances of motherhood decrease.

The name of this 37-year-old woman is Irina Litvinova. Irina is from Ukraine. Due to the ongoing war in the country, he has to take refuge in Britain. She is living as a refugee in Britain. While her husband Sergey is in Ukraine.

Irina had Embryo freezing done before leaving Ukraine. It is a medical procedure by which an embryo (an egg fertilized by sperm) is preserved. But in the atmosphere of war, Irina could not take it with her to Britain.


Irina now wants to be a mother and is struggling to get sperm from Ukraine. The ongoing war in the country is preventing them from reaching the fetus. She says that as time passes, my chances of motherhood are decreasing. However, Irina, who has taken refuge in Britain, hopes that she will soon be able to get her husband’s sperm from Ukraine, 2816 km away.

Irina is suffering from low levels of estrogen and progesterone; she was undergoing IVF at the time of Russia’s attack. Their child died in 2016 as soon as they were born. Since then, she has been waiting to become a mother.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
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