Donald Trump Told That The Deal With China Is Historic For The World

US President Donald Trump has described the trade deal with China as a historic step for the world. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Trump said that I could not come last time, but this time I have come. To make progress in the world economy, we signed a trade deal with China. Which will benefit the entire world economy?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump said in his address that before his tenure many big companies of America were closed. But when he came to power, he has done the work of starting many of those companies again.

America’s Focus On Child Care

Describing America’s achievement, Donald Trump has done a lot of work on child care in America during his tenure. The focus of the Trump administration has been on children’s health to education. Many big and tough decisions have been taken to strengthen the US economy.

He said that America is ready to help in the way of economic progress of the world. But America will retreat when a decision will harm the American.

The World’s Eye On The Donald Trump

The world is eyeing Donald Trump’s address in the WEF. Because, like last time, Trump did not participate in this forum. And this time in the US, there is an important platform for Donald Trump before the election.

Top politicians and businessmen from around the world are attending the ongoing four-day meeting in Davos. During this time, threats to the environment. And the economy due to the rising temperature of the earth will also be discussed. This year, the theme ‘Stakeholders For a Cohesive and Sustainable World’ has been kept in WEF. Union Minister Piyush Goyal is participating in the WEF on behalf of India.

About WEF

Switzerland-based World Economic Forum, which is an NGO. Works in the fields of business, politics, academia worldwide. The World Economic Forum plays a big role in setting global, regional and industrial goals. The forum organizes an annual meeting at the Alpine Sky Resort in Davos, Switzerland in late January every year. Thousands of leaders from business, politics, economic world take part in this meeting and discuss global issues.

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