Yemen Missile Attack: 100 Soldiers Dead In An Army Camp

Yemen Missile Attack

There is an outcry in the city of Marib in Yemen. So far more than 100 people have died in the attack in the mosque located in the military camp. Pieces of the torn body are lying in the debris of the mosque. Blood splatter on the walls of the mosque has turned red everywhere. Carpets lying on the floor are also stained with blood. Evening prayers and missile shower

Yemen Missile Attack

On Saturday, people were offering Namaz at a military camp in the evening in Marib city, about 170 km east of the capital Sanaa. Then the missile bombarded the mosque. Drones started bombing and there was chaos. Both soldiers and local citizens were among those who offered Namaz. People did not understand anything due to the sudden attack.

Revenge will be barbaric

By the time the attack ended, this mosque of Marib ruined. The Foreign Minister of Yemen blamed the attack on Houthi rebels, saying on Twitter that Yemen strongly condemns this terrorist attack, more than 100 people have killed and dozens have been injured in this attack by Houthi rebels. ”

The Yemeni army spokesman said that the Houthi rebels prepared to face brutal action in response to this attack.

Biggest attack ever

Experts say that this is one of the biggest attacks ever since the civil war started in Yemen in 2014. Al Hadeeth TV has released pictures after the attack. Pieces of the Namazis’ body can be seen in these pictures, blood-soaked carpets and the scenes of the walls are frightening.

The attack on the city of Marib has occurred when the government forces started a major operation a day before against the Houthi rebels in the Niham region. Army action continues at this time in Nigam. According to a military source, dozens of Houthi insurgents have been killed in the attack.

Yemen In The Grip Of Civil War For 6 Years

Explain that thousands of people have died in the last 6 years in Yemen burning in the fire of civil war. There is a bloody fight between the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen and the national government backed by Saudi Arabia.