Kim Sister Yo Jong Un Can Become The World’s First Female Dictator

Kim Yo Jong Age

Kim Jong Un is on her way to becoming the world’s first female dictator. She is the younger sister of North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un. She is the only one among her siblings, who is considered a close and powerful ally of Kim Jong-un. Kim Yo Jong first came into discussion in 2018, when he visited South Korea. Here she was seen with her team at the Winter Olympics. After this tour, Kim Yo Jong Un showed a very aggressive attitude towards South Korea.

Kim jJng Un Sister Age

Yo Jong Un Known For Aggressive Attitude

  • Kim Yo-jong has made sharp statements about South Korean President Moon Jae-in. A few days ago he threatened to send troops to the South Korea border. Demolished the shared offices on the edge of North Korea and South Korea. The communication channel between the two countries has also cut.
  • Kim Yo-jong is Kim Jong-il’s youngest daughter. Born in 1987, Kim Yo-jong is four years younger than her brother Kim Jong-un. However, there are also different opinions about his birth. America says that he was born in 1989. South Korea stated in 1988. According to Jong’s father’s chef, Kim Yo-jong was born in 1987.

Kim Yo Jong Un Can Become A Brother’s Successor

Kim Yo Jong Photos With Donald Trump News

  • Kim Yo-jong has seen frequently with her brother for some time. She is also playing an essential role in strategy making. People believe that she can become the next ruler of North Korea. It is being argued that both siblings Kim Yo-jong and Kim Jong-un have studied together in Bern (Switzerland). There is an excellent bonding between the two siblings. Jong Un trusts his sister the most.
  • For the past two years, Kim Jong has taken his sister Kim Yo to international meetings. While he went to meet US President Donald Trump in 2018, the sister was with him.
  • His father is said to have said in 2002 that Kim Yo-jong was interested in politics and wanted to pursue a career in government. What will happen in the next few years? There is not much to be said about this, but it is believed that after the death of Kim Jong-il, he helped his brother in power.

After The Sudden Disappearance Of Kim Jong Came Into The Limelight

In April this year, Kim Jong-un suddenly dropped out of public life for a few weeks. After this, talk of becoming the successor of his sister started. Earlier in 2014, even when Kim Jong-un suddenly disappeared from public life, there was still speculation.

Publicly Appeared in 2010 For The First Time

Kim Yo Jong saw in public in 2010. The following year, 2011, he saw at his father’s funeral. Three years ago, the US banned him on human rights violations. It said that Kim Jong Un ordered his stepbrother Kim Jong Nam to abolished.

Kim Jong Un’s Three Children Are Quite Young

North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un has three children. All three are young. The eldest son is ten years old. It, therefore, believed that Kim Yo Jong might give responsibility. Kim is trying to make Yo Jong’s image as a strong leader despite being a woman.

According to experts, one thing is clear that a new Kim is being prepared. She may be shy to look at but is just as devoted as her brother to maintaining the world’s most brutal dictatorial regime.