Why Virat Kohli Team Did Not Win World Cup 2019, Yuvraj Singh Told

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Yuvraj Singh, the champion all-rounder of the Indian team. Has revealed the major reason behind the defeat of Team India in the World Cup-2019. Five days ago, Yuvraj Singh, who was 38 years old, said during the Agenda Aaj Tak on Tuesday that bad planning was the major reason behind the defeat of this World Cup.

Yuvraj Singh said that for the 2019 World Cup, the management of the team management was completely unaware of the number-4, but I regret very much what happened to Ambati Rayudu. He used to fit very well at number-4 after me. He remained in the team for one year. Rayudu played an innings of 90 runs (February 2019) in New Zealand and was also the man of the match.

Yuvraj said that after this Rayudu was a drop in the World Cup. Fewer experience players like Vijay Shankar (5 ODIs) and Rishabh Pant (five ODIs before the World Cup) given a chance. Later Shankar was out with an injury, yet how can a player with such little experience make a big match.

Yuvraj Singh World Cup 2019

Yuvraj took a dig at the team management strategy. He said that Dinesh Karthik suddenly plays semi-finals. They do not know in advance which number they have to bat. Experienced players like MS Dhoni get down to bat at No. 7. That is, no one knew where to land in the semi-finals.

Yuvraj said that you cannot do this in such a big match as semi-finals. At that time, the number-4 batsman (Pant) had the highest score of 48 runs. Yuvraj said, ‘I believe that the main reason for the defeat was weak planning. At that time it understood that Rohit and Virat are in big form and they will easily pull out the match. You look at Australia’s previous teams in the World Cup (2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 World Cup), they already had a set batsman. Their middle order already decide.

Along with Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh was also present on the agenda to date. He said that in Indian cricket, there is a discussion of Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, and Anil Kumble … But if Yuvraj is not there, we would not have won two World Cups (2007 T20 World Cup, 2011 World Cup).

Harbhajan said that if Yuvraj Singh’s performance removes from the World Cup. Then the Indian team would have reached the semi-finals, but the road ahead is not easy. Yuvraj made India the champion by performing all round.